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Source: Vladimir Vladimirov / Getty

Every day there’s a new update on the various social media platforms we switch between throughout the day. This week both Instagram and Twitter introduced new features that are annoying for some and exciting for others. Instagram is now an online flea market where users rarely see their friends’ posts but somehow, find their favorite handbag. While Twitter updated with a stories feature, similar to Instagram’s stories, that people are referring to as “fleets.”

Social media is ever-changing. Each app is competing for the consumer’s attention to drive advertisement dollars to their businesses. It seems as if these platforms send the updates and assume that their users will adapt, which we usually do after we complain. There are a few kinks that need tweaking with Twitter’s latest feature, but surely this is just the first of many updates to stay relevant amongst social media users many options.

People actually turned to Twitter to express their disdain for the Instagram updates no one asked for. One thing we love most about Twitter is that the people will always provide you with at least one solution to the problem. Twitter users are asking to bring back Myspace.

This was millennials true introduction to coding learning how to customize profiles. Everyone who curated music on their Myspace profiles grew up to create playlists. Myspace taught us a lot before social media transformed into what it has today.

Literally, people kicked Myspace to the curb. If it is totally impossible to bring it back, these platforms could at least take a page or two out of Myspace’s pretty profound book.

Will Myspace make a comeback? Will Twitter or Instagram finally listen to its’ users and create updates we actually want to use? At any rate, users learn to adapt to the developing social media landscape. These platforms may never provide us with what we truly desire, but we find our way back to the platform regardless. Guess that truly is the social dilemma.