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Fresh off of slaying at this year’s virtual VMAs, Chloe x Halle sat down with Vanity Fair to discuss their new album, sound advice from Beyoncé, and activism. According to the Grown-ish sisters, King Bey had some suggestions when it came to dealing with social media…

“The first thing she told us was the ‘no-scroll rule,’ ” says Chloe. “Whether it’s positive or negative comments, just don’t scroll. That one negative thing could affect you. The second was to never dumb ourselves down for the world. Just let them catch up to us and our sound.”

They also opened up about pushing back their album release during protests for George Floyd

UNGODLY HOUR was supposed to drop on June 5; amid the George Floyd protests, the sisters decided to push the release. “The week was so much bigger than us,” explains Halle. “It’s traumatizing as a person of color when you see somebody that looks like they could be your family die on the street. We’re Black women; we’ve seen these experiences happen for a long time. Justice is all we’ve ever wanted, and music has been healing since the beginning of our lives.”

The Bailey sisters plan on continuing to use their platform to encourage political involvement, according to the publication…

“All of our ancestors fought for the right to vote,” says Chloe. “There are so many crazy things happening in the world, and we could help put a stop to that through voting.”

And on the topic of The Little Mermaid, Halle says she’ll be live…

THOUGH MANY of the Little Mermaid characters will be animated, Halle confirms that Ariel will remain live: “It will be me.”

Stay tuned! If you missed their VMAs performance, tune in below.