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Can you believe it’s been 15 years since Hannah Montana, starring Miley Cyrus, premiered to Disney Channel? All of the millennial young adults are shocked at how fast time flew by since watching the show every afternoon. Cyrus, now 28 years old, pens a letter to her old friend Hannah, which she posted on Instagram yesterday.

Cyrus shares her deepest gratitude for her role as the character, Hannah Montana, the opportunity given to her by Disney and its’ casting, her cast mates turned friends, and the millions of fans continuously watched.  The actress and singer also disclosed within the letter how appreciative she is for the experiences she gained while filming and growing with the show.

Cyrus remember filming her screentest for the role against a white wall at her mom Tish Cyrus’s friend’s home in Nashville. She landed the part and collated the role to “a rocket that flew me to thermion and never brought me back down.”

Of Hannah, she said, “You + I have been through it all together my friend. We’ve shared many firsts. A lot of lasts. Ups. Downs. Tears. Laughs,” she continued in the sentimental letter, remembering her father and co-star Billy Ray Cyrus’s dad dying just ahead of the show’s 2006 premiere.

She shared some of her memorable teenage experiences while working on the show like falling in love, most likely referring to Disney star and singer Nick Jonas, who was her boyfriend from 2006 ad 2007.

“I experienced falling in love for the first time in those years.”

She goes on to share a few of her more humiliating moments on set, “Embarrassingly started my period in a pair of white capris of course on the day a ‘cute guy’ was cast + asked to have lunch with me. Instead I spent it in the bathroom with my mom sobbing.”

Cyrus even remembered driving to set once she got her permit at 15 with her grandma Loretta Jean “Mammie” Palmer, mom of Tish, who sadly passed last year. She used the memory to engage with fans of the show asking everyone to create their own “Rockstar ID.”

She thanked a number of people like her cast mate, Selena Gomez, who portrayed Mikayla. To fans surprise, Gomez responded right away and begged for a collaboration from the two superstars.

The rockstar celebrity also thanked rap group Migos for creating a song named after the fictitious character, “Hannah Montana.”

Once the show ended, she added, “It was bittersweet knowing I would be leaving you (a huge piece of me),” Cyrus wrote to Hannah, “on Stage 9, which is where I say I grew up when asked. It was my home.”

She mentioned the final episode was appropriately titled “Wherever I Go,” named after “a final song by the teen pop sensation herself. YOU. Me? Hannah Montana.”

Hannah Montana, the teen Pop sensation, spreads love across the timeline to 15 year anniversary of the show. Fans join in on the fun sharing their own memories of the show and how it impacted their young lives. Take a look at a few tweets from the 15th anniversary of Hannah Montana, one of Disney’s classic original shows that catapulted the career and success of a young Miley Cyrus.

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