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5 On It With Nard Holston

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What are some of your most favorite viral videos of all time? Do you remember where you were when you first saw them? Do you still remember all of the words from the video? Was it a YouTube video or was it a Vine? If you can answer these questions, you just might spend too much time on the Internet!

No, really. The internet is an amazing source of information and an even more amazing source of laughs. Whenever you need a quick pick me up, you can log on to social media and be bombarded with memes, videos, comedy skits and more. There’s no shortage of hilariousness on social media and when it comes to viral videos, it seems like getting millions of views isn’t something incredibly hard to come by.

In our latest installment of Global Grind’s ‘5 On It’ we take a deep dive into some of the most hilarious, iconic and unforgettable viral videos of our generation.  Actor and comedian Nard Holston joins us as the official host and not only tells us which viral videos he’ll never forget but tells us absolutely why these videos will go down in Internet history.

If you need a quick refresher, or even if you’re just looking for some hilarious videos to get you through the rest of the work day, press play on today’s episode of ‘5 On It’ and let Nard Holston drop his top 5 viral videos on you.

From outfit fails to cognac nails, Nard Holston is unapologetically ranking his top 5 favorite viral moments of all time.  Do you remember these videos?

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