What are some of your most favorite viral videos of all time? Do you remember where you were when you first saw them? Do you still remember all of the words from the video? Was it a YouTube video or was it a Vine? If you can answer these questions, you just might spend too […]

For our next episode of 5 On It, we have Black Ink Crew‘s Young Bae in the building. A soon-to-be first-time mom, reality star, and very well-known tattoo artist, Bae shared her do’s and don’ts for those of you trying to make a name for yourselves in the world of ink. But really, she only has […]

Lea Robinson is a whole lot of woman. The First Family of Hip Hop star came through to Global Grind and shared the top 5 things we didn’t see from her on TV. Lea says she’s a hilarious girl with a huge heart and she wishes that was showcased more on the show. She also […]

Love & Hip Hop‘s DJ Self came through to Global Grind and took a moment to reflect on all that “gwinin.” From menial tasks like making sure you have your paperwork in order to owning your name, Self shares a lot of good advice on how everyday folks can win big like him and boss […]

This season on Love & Hip Hop, James R. was a major source of entertainment. Caught between two women— feisty Mariahlynn and messy Sophia Body—the hunky ladies’ man came through to Global Grind to talk his top 5 regrets and surprise, surprise…most of them stem back to the girls. Watch up top as James R. […]

Reality star Bobby Lytes hit the ground running when he put his heart on the line in more ways than one for Love & Hip Hop: Miami. An aspiring artist, he dealt with his boyfriend’s wandering eye on national television, which made him the perfect person to give Global Grind readers some advice on how to navigate a […]

Juju is single and ready to mingle! After a tough and very public split from rapper Cam’ron, the Love & Hip Hop: NY reality star came through to Global Grind to let us know the top 5 credentials her next man is going to need in order to pull her. Obviously, she ain’t messing with no […]