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People can say what they want about Lil Mama, but a decade ago, she had one of the biggest hits of that year with “Lip Gloss”. Since then, the Brooklyn emcee has had a slew of other hits, but as an artist, it’s hard AF to top your first single.


Nonetheless, Mama kept going, kept dancing, kept rapping and acting — and low and behold, ten years later, her first single is now a viral dance challenge. Some say the challenge was started by producer Capella Grey, which is why some people are calling it the #CapellaGrey challenge. But regardless of what name you title it, it’s still just people rapping or singing acapella to the infamous beat that Lil Mama made hot back in 2008.

Youtube singer Jimani Unique got her little sister to do the challenge, and not only did they wound up going viral, but now they’re the face of the entire challenge.

Even Lil Mama herself posted the video, writing, “WTF A #LipGlossChallenge OKAY YALL WANNA PLAY… LETS F*CK*N GO!!!JIMANI A BEAST”. 

She posted another one of 15-year old Cee Chanell and her friends who absolutely BODIED the entire challenge. They sang, gave us a catchy hook and bar or two, which no one was expecting at all.


But regardless of which viral challenge it is, seeing little kids do it and kill it is always the cutest thing. Like Youtube singer @LitOfficialMusic and her little sister, who served as her hype woman. Classic!


Lil Mama has come a long way since the days of her bum-rushing stages and getting roasted on social media for pretty much anything she did. Let’s put some respeck on Mama’s name and bask in this way over due moment glory.

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