Another win for Black History Month! Snapchat launched its #CelebrateBlackVoices challenge on Spotlight in honor of Black History Month. The social media platform will give Snapchatters an opportunity to win a share of $10,000 by creating a video Snap showcasing how they celebrate Black voices. Learn more inside.

Choreographer and entertainer Sean Bankhead has created his own lane in dance since the early 2000's. He continues to be called on by today's biggest stars like Lil Nas X, Normani and Megan Thee Stallion. It is imperative we give him his flowers today. Check out some of Sean Bankhead's notable work over the years.

Award-winning film and music director Melina Matsoukas partnered with Howard University and Instagram to amplify and support the stories of aspiring Black storytellers through Instagram's Share Black Stories "Future First" reels challenge.

Boys II Men will go down in history as one of the most iconic singing groups of all time, so we're not at all surprised that one member's kids are following in the boy band's footsteps.

Yes, another day, another viral challenge. However most social media challenges we see aren’t as sensual as this latest one. Technically, it hasn’t officially been denominated as a  “challenge” yet, since it’s move of a sex tip than a summons. But age appropriate Internet users have done it enough for it to go viral, so […]

Social Media will really have you out here questioning your IQ if you don’t have the same responses as everyone else. But what we’ve learned is that sometimes thinking out the box is the surest way to get the correct answer to something. Like the viral triangle photo that has single handedly divided the internet: […]

It appears that the kids have found a new internet challenge to participate in and it’s getting weirder by the second. Millenials’ most shameful challenge was probably the cinnamon challenge. It involved ingesting a spoonful of cinnamon, which later resulted in nearly choking to death. While that challenge was stupid, Gen Z may take the […]

Who would’ve thought that there would be a viral challenge more shocking than kids eating laundry detergent? Well there is and it’s disgusting. The latest social media challenge involves teens putting unwrapped condoms in one of their nostrils and inhaling until the condom comes back out of their mouths. Not only is the condom trend […]

After donating $1 million to random people around Miami for his “God’s Plan” music video Drake decided to take to social media and challenge his fans to keep the positive deeds going. Posting this message to his Instagram story : “I am not into challenges on IG I find them annoying…but today I am going […]

Twitter user Oloni is at it again with her love challenges. You might remember last year she started the #DateChallenge, daring women to ask their crush out on a date. The results ranged from heartwarming to just plain hilarious. Well now, with Valentine’s Day less than a week away, Oloni wants you to have your […]