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Yes, another day, another viral challenge.

However most social media challenges we see aren’t as sensual as this latest one. Technically, it hasn’t officially been denominated as a  “challenge” yet, since it’s move of a sex tip than a summons. But age appropriate Internet users have done it enough for it to go viral, so don’t say we didn’t mention it to you once it blows up on the web.

It started back in February, just in time for Valentine’s Day.  The tip is to use your hips and waist to spell the word “coconut” while on top during intercourse.

Some people nailed it.

While others failed it.

It definitely didn’t take long for Twitter to get a hold of the challenge and turn it into a hilarious joke.

And for some, the coconut was too real.

But wait. This is not to be confused with the term “Coconuting”, which has a much different meaning for men.

Would you try it?

@Niiniola: “spell coconut on my waist with your money, then we can talk.”

@MauriceKing_: “…how do i tell my girl i’m allergic to coconuts and will go into anna-fil-lactic shock if she start spelling coconut with her waist?

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