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Frank Ocean BRIT

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Once every blue moon, Frank Ocean gets out of bed and decides he’s ready to present himself to the world.

Luckily, this Thursday was one of those days when Frank dropped a cover story with GQ magazine. In the interview, Frank talked about everything from his skin care regimen to how he feels about political engagement.

But of course, some of the highlights of the story were the various lewks Frank blessed us with thanks to photographer Alasdair McLellan.

One picture in particular, which serves as the cover for the story, features Frank in a floral-patterned turtle neck courtesy of Prada, and to put it frankly, Mr. Ocean looks like he’s living his best life in the floral.


This isn’t the first time Frank has brought the joy of flowers to his repertoire, however.

Based off pics he’s released before, Frank lives for the flowers…

And glitter.


Ever since Frank made his Instagram public in November of last year, the “Thinking Bout You” singer has made his past fashion choices available to the world and there’s definitely instances where Frank is pushing the envelope.

His ensemble is full of looks that might be considered “feminine” or “soft” by exhausting hyper-masculine standards. But Frank is constantly showing the beauty of fluidity with his captivating fashion choices.

Even in his GQ interview, Frank talked about wanting to wear “Balenciaga python-leather pants and a pink skintight tank” for his birthday. “I was gonna get the acid green shadow fade, too,” he said. “Two-tone. Acid green to brunet. And the cowboy boots with the chrome heel and toe.”

We need this look like…yesterday.

Surely, Frank will continue to show off his various styles as long as he keeps that IG public (please keep it public Frank!).

And did I mention this man loves flowers and glitter.

Hit the next pages to check out some of Frank’s most versatile fashion moments, complete with glitter jackets, glitter shorts and yes, glitter underwear.

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