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It was the best of times, it was the worst of times.

Politics continue to be filled with twists and turns, while the Kardashians seem to keep themselves in the same mess.

This week’s winners below, followed by losers on the next page!


Stacey Plaskett’s eye roll

A good eye roll can move mountains.

It can bring peace in the midst of the storm.

And on Wednesday, Stacey Plaskett‘s eye roll at the Michael Cohen hearing affirmed people’s thoughts and feelings across the world.

Cohen was testifying to the House Oversight and Reform Committee about his experience working for Donald Trump and all the foul things he allegedly witnessed from the current pres.

When the time came for the GOP to question Cohen’s testimony, one annoying politician, Representative Jim Jordan was complaining that he wasn’t provided a copy of Cohen’s opening statement far enough in advance.

Jordan was already in the running for Most Annoying Specimen in the room for his douchey attitude and his mere allegiance to Trump.

Thus, when Plaskett, the nonvoting delegate for the Virgin Islands in the House of Representatives, heard Jordan’s complaint, she blessed us with the first great eye-a-tude of the year. She even seemed to mouth the words “be quiet” when Jordan started wasting breath with his complaints.

Enjoy the moment below…


People felt it in their souls.


Stacey even stood by her epic eye roll on TMZ…


She is us and we are her.

Behind the scenes Black people 

At one point, when people talked about diversity in the movie business, they usually meant the people in front of the camera, not acknowledging the power that can be held behind the camera.

Now in 2019, people like Ava DuVernay, Ryan Coogler, and Jordan Peele are getting recognition for their cinematic storytelling, but still, many Black faces on the technical side fail to get their due recognition.

That seems to be changing thanks to some major Oscar wins on Sunday for costume designer Ruth Carter and production designer Hannah Beachler.

Both women won for Black Panther, making them the first Black women to win in their respective categories of Best Costume Design and Best Production Design. Ms. Beachler was the first Black woman period to even be nominated in her category.

Though the Oscars continue to cause mixed emotions with their decision making, the win for Carter and Beachler on Sunday gives more exposure to talent that can inspire women of color in the future.

Check out both of their moving speeches in the clips below!


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