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Beyonce performing at Coachella 2018

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Beyoncé had the nation in a frenzy as we all patiently waited weeks for her Netflix documentary debut, Homecoming. Written, directed, and executive produced by Bey, the doc is here now and needless to say, it’s amazing. Following Blue Ivy‘s mama as she rehearsed for what became the most iconic two-weekend headlining Coachella set OF ALL TIME, the doc delved into the making of #Beychella while giving fans some updated insight into who the superstar is as a mom, boss, wife, and overall person. In true Yoncé fashion, it also came with a surprise live album.

Beyonce Kelly Michelle performing at Coachella 2018

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There’s no way you didn’t catch at least a glimpse of #Beychella when it went down in April of 2018, but in case you didn’t, it was a nod to Historically Black Universities and Colleges everywhere — an unforgettable celebration of Black life that set Beyoncé worlds apart from any other performer on EARTH. With that said, you can see why some people are taking offense to other artists’ fanbases using hashtags like #Arichella, for example, to refer to this year’s version of the music festival.

Beyonce HBCU Homecoming hoodie Coachella 2018

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Putting it quite frankly on Twitter, Ain’t I A Diva: Beyoncé and the Power of Pop Culture Pedagogy author Kevin Allred went viral when he brought the issue up online.

“Coachella doesn’t get renamed for every artist that performs. Stop it,” he began. “ is a specific once in a lifetime, world-shattering performance that no else today could ever replicate.” His argument was far from over.

“Beyoncé changed Coachella. Every other artist is still just appearing at Coachella. Naming things Arichella, retroactively calling it Gagachella. No. Everyone get a life,” he said. “This isn’t downplaying anyone’s performance, it’s recognizing and respecting the magnitude of what Beyoncé did and always does. Don’t play. This really is just more evidence that Beyoncé actually shifts culture time and time again, and then every other artist gets heralded for doing less. (This isn’t criticism at the artists per se, more at other fan bases for collapsing and minimizing Bey’s impact).”

Beyonce Sexy Photo Coachella 2018

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It’s a gift and a curse, but when you have as much influence as Beyoncé does it’s no surprise that everybody wants to be you. See some responses to Allred’s point below and on the flip. Spoiler: not everyone thinks it’s that serious and some argue “artist-chella” actually started with Lady Gaga.

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