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Avengers: Endgame will be released to theaters everywhere next weekend and hopefully you’ve pre-ordered your tickets to see the most anticipated movie of the year. Today I want to share with you part two of my interview with the cast and creators of Marvel’s latest saga dealing with what happened after the snap heard around the universe.

I sat down with Anthony and Joe Russo also known as The Russo Brothers to talk about Avengers: Endgame. These guts are really tight-lipped about the film but the first thing I wanted to know was why dust?

Joe explained, “We thought it was it was very elemental because we thought that’s what happened to your body when it decomposes it turns back to dust. It felt like it was the appropriate way for Thanos to kill have of the universe.” A reaction that left people in tears as they shared a story about a little kid walking up to them after seeing, Avengers: Infinity War and asking them why.

Anthony Russo said, “Joe and I have this memory of one of the first times we screened the movie for people and did a Q&A afterward. This eleven-year-old kid came up to us and said, ‘why did you kill Spider-Man?’ It’s one of those moments when you realize the depth of the relationship that people have with these characters. Of course, we knew that. We knew the ending was difficult, it was difficult for us when we thought of it, but that’s why it excited us. We liked to run at those difficult places in storytelling because that’s where you find a lot of tension and excitement.”

During the second part of this episode of Extra Butter with Xilla Valentine, you also hear my conversation with Scarlett Johannson and Danai Gurira. Danai was in the news recently because her name was left off of the Marvel Poster with fans quickly jumping up to protect her and force Marvel to right the wrong, which was an honest mistake on their behalf. I asked Danai how it feels to be so protected by her tribe.

Danai said, “There is an astounding number of really awesome fans, who are really invested in our storytelling. So you feel embraced as a member of this awesome universe.”

Invested indeed because this movie has already broken records at the box office when it comes to pre-sale numbers. Go see it next weekend, April 26th, 2019.