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Morris Bevily IV and T’Kia Bevily, father and stepmother to 14-month-old Jurayah Smith who died back in 2017, have been arrested and charged with capital murder in the baby girl’s death. The child reportedly died from multiple head blunt trauma while in their care and the “manner of her death was described as a homicide,” WLBT reports, also stating authorities claimed they needed to wait on an official autopsy from the State Crime Lab before making arrests.

Jurayah’s mom, who reportedly gave birth just before Jurayah’s dad married T’Kia Bevily, says her child was dead for a long time in their care.

“He walked me all through the house. I asked ‘where’s Jurayah?’ and that’s when we got into the room and there she was in the crib,” Dedreuna Smith told the site. “And she was on her back and her eyes were closed and her mouth was closed. Her lips were kinda like a greenish color. You could tell she had been dead for a long time and she was cold.”

In case you haven’t been following the story over the years, one young woman broke it down for everyone on social media — and it’s as ugly as ugly gets.

“Never never NEVER judge a book by its cover,” @stout_87 writes of the married couple charged in the death of Jurayah Smith. “Husband cheated…got a younger girl pregnant…now the baby is dead, after being in their care.”

“The baby was ‘found’ dead in her crib at 10pm…they invited the biological mother over to see the child the next afternoon. The mother didn’t know she would be viewing her deceased child,” she continues. “The biological mother called 911, after breaking down from the sight. Y’all….. The mother stated when she walked in the house, the step mother was casually holding her own small child in the living room, emotionless. The stepmother claimed asphyxiation was the cause of death. Not choking…that was odd to me. I looked up the wife…she’s a nurse y’all,” she continues.

“Let’s back up further…to the biological mother and father. He was aware of the pregnancy and asked the mother to get an abortion…she declined. He never let his future wife know about the baby. They were married a day after the baby was born.”

Read the rest of the horrifying thread by clicking here, plus the father’s alleged response and more photos of beautiful Jurayah Smith on the pages that follow. May she rest in peace as we continue to pray for her family.

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