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Season 3 of Westworld doesn’t have an official release date, but in a first-look trailer it’s revealed the series will return next year — and, there’s a new player in town. Breaking Bad actor Aaron Paul will star in the next installation of the show, as he navigates his way through a world that he says feels like is “rotting to pieces.”

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“I think if I’m going to get on with my life I’m going to have to find something, someone… real,” he says in the final moments of the trailer, as none other than Dolores (Evan Rachel Wood) shows up. Watch up top.

Following the highly anticipated Game of Thrones finale, Kit Harington and Emilia Clarke have shared their reactions to the ending. During an interview with Entertainment Weekly, they said there was a lot of tears.

“I cried,” Clarke said of initially reading the script. “And I went for a walk. I walked out of the house and took my keys and phone and walked back with blisters on my feet. I didn’t come back for five hours. I’m like, ‘How am I going to do this?’… I’m flabbergasted. Absolutely never saw that coming.”

Harington had an emotional reaction too.

“I looked at Emilia and there was a moment of me realizing, ‘No, no…,’ he said of the moment they sat across from one another reading the script.

Isaac Hempstead-Wright, who plays Bran Stark in Game of Thrones, tells Entertainment Weekly he thought his ascension to the throne was a joke at first. He mentions that he really wanted a death scene with “an exploding head or something,” but ultimately thought it was a “fitting conclusion.”

“Not everyone will be happy,” he said. “It’s so difficult to finish a series as popular as this without pissing some people off. I don’t think anybody will think it’s predictable and that’s as much as you can hope for. People are going to be angry. There’s going to be a lot of broken hearts. It’s ‘bittersweet,’ exactly as [saga author] George R.R. Martin intended. It’s a fitting conclusion to this epic saga.”

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