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XXL revealed their 2019 Freshman Class cover and now their first cypher is available for your viewing pleasure.

Featuring Lil Mosey, YK Osiris, Megan Thee Stallion, and DaBaby, the clip is 4 1/2 minutes of pure fire (minus Mosey, who spits extremely lazy bars and blames the “lame” beat). YK Osiris isn’t spitting, per say, but he brings the heat with his signature sound, to the extent that we almost forget it’s a cypher as he damn near makes his own song within his allotted time. Like every female rapper we can think of in recent history, Megan has been catching a lot of flack for being the strong, sexually-free, hot girl that she is. But what a hater has to say hasn’t slowed her down one bit — a fact that is completely clear as she holds her own and bests two of three rising stars in this cypher.

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But if I had to give it to anybody, DaBaby really bodied it. Rapping for a full two minutes, the NC lyricist’s calm confidence takes over as he rides the beat with his trademark, unrelenting flow. Everybody did their thing, but DaBaby DID that.

Tune in above and let me know how you’d rank their bars.