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It's a celebration of eternal love

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One young king is going viral after he asked his lady to spend the rest of her life with him and she declined.

The video is pretty awkward. If you look closely enough she’s clearly uncomfortable, but she didn’t let that stop her from telling the truth in front of all those cameras. I admire the honesty.

For me personally, social media’s response was twice as interesting as the video. Of course everyone’s got something to say about how the young woman SHOULD’VE reacted.

So many people said she should have just said “yes” in the moment, so as not to embarrass him.

But why is it a woman’s job to take care of a man’s ego? He insisted on a public proposal so he should have been prepared for a public rejection. Charge it to the game.

I cannot find the lie… women are not obligated to say “yes.”

And why does a woman who doesn’t react how one might expect her to react have to be cheating? Why are people so bothered by the word “no?”

City Boys have been sounding all-around salty.

They need to cut it, because we all know the truth is…

It’s a teachable moment — make sure you’re on the same page with your significant other before taking huge leaps like proposing. We’re hoping this young couple can sit down, have a MATURE  conversation, and move forward however they decide. No pettiness necessary.

What do you think about this failed proposal and how social media responded to it? Hit us HERE to chime in.

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