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Big Sean and Jhené Aiko might not be together anymore, but it doesn’t mean they aren’t friends.

Along with Ty Dolla $ign, the two join forces on a beautiful, new song and talk about how they’ve evolved in love and relationships. Before the track dropped, Sean hit Twitter to tell fans that – for the first time ever – he fully believes in himself and he’s in a place where he’s the source of his own happiness.

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“I been gone for awhile and barely on the internet, I learned so much about myself… I feel way more spiritually grounded. For the first time in my life I 100% believe in myself and that’s something I’m so happy I got to achieve in this lifetime… I think at one point I stopped having fun with life and it became a burden, I know a lot of you feel that way too, if I felt that way doing what I always dreamed of. It’s not suppose to feel like that and if it is then change it,” he wrote before dropping the new track. “Listen to your heart, it truly speaks to you! That’s something I didn’t always do even when I knew better. I never knew that I didn’t know how to be alone in life. I always would find so much joy n happiness in a relationship or being with friends, but I didn’t know how important it was to be in a relationship with yourself. There’s beauty in being your own source of happiness and fun and working on yourself. That’s the process I been going through personally and it can be a scary thing. But when you work on yourself and bring your best self to something, I believe that’s truly how to experience a love where you are bringing happiness and joy and not dependency. I’m in a great place though n don’t want to get too deep but I just want to share my journey with y’all…”

His song is a reflection of his new head space. See his tweets below, plus petty reactions from social media on the flip.

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