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Popeyes’ new Chicken Sandwich is all the rage on social media. It went Nationwide on August 12th and it’s literally all folks are talking about on the timelines. 

The chicken. The Brioche. The pickles. Oh My!


And don’t add some sauce to it. Whew!

It’s highly recommended by Black Twitter:

But for years, we’ve been championing Chick Fil A as the standard of a good chicken sandwich. Has their glorious reign come to an end, though?

Folks automatically jumped on the “Chick Fil A is over” bandwagon as soon as they tried the popeyes chicken sandwich. SB Nation did an entire article on how the Popeyes chicken sandwich is better than Chick Fil A’s. 

“The {Popeyes] brioche bun is also a little bit thicker than its Chick-fil-A counterpart, and has a good flavor to it. The pickles on the sandwich are massive, which I don’t feel strongly about one way or another, because I always take the pickles off my chicken sandwiches. I just don’t need that in my life. But if you like pickles, this sandwich is for you.”

However, others were loyal enough to stay down.

If you haven’t tried either sandwich — you’ve probably been living under a rock. But, I’m here to help! Here to compare both Chick Fil A and Popeyes chicken sandwich, and you get to be the judge on which one you’d spend your hard earned American coin on.

@OhTerriLynn is team Chick Fil A:

so I tried this yesterday and…I’m not going to lie and say I didn’t like it. cause it was hittin on something! would I get it again? yes! is it mind blowing? ehhhhh.

is it better than chickfila’s sandwich? -NAH, but good try!

But, @rolexxr4 is all about that Popeyes life;

Even non-chicken lovers wanna give it a try:

Which would you rather? Hit the flip for more comparisons.

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