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The Breaks Vol. II Concert in Chicago

Source: Adam Bielawski/ / WENN

Twista is arguably the fastest rapper alive, but over the weekend we learned he’s got some insane competition.

In case you missed it, American Sign Language interpreter Amber Galloway  — who is pretty much an ASL celebrity — was interpreting for the crowd at one of Twista’s shows and completely blew everyone away. As she signed with so much energy, Twista stood side-by-side with Gallego, seemingly testing her skills. Let’s just say he’s met his match… and Twitter wasted no time responding.

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“Twista‘s sign language interpreter hitting every single word he fires off on stage is 10/10 content. She needs a Guinness World Record,” one person wrote while a more skeptical fan questioned her ability with “Am I really supposed to believe she knows all of Twista’s lyrics?”

Most gave credit where credit was due, however. “She got the internet going nuts! Amber Galloway doing sign language and keeping up with Twista?! Yeah that’s incredible,” a young man tweeted and we agree.

Check out the incredible clip below.