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Last week, the cast of Power kicked their sixth and final season off RIGHT with a star-studded world premiere at Madison Square Garden in NYC. Everyone in attendance knew since that event that season 6 was going to be insane and since episode 1 officially aired yesterday, you should have watched by now too…so don’t come in here complaining about some spoilers.

This season sees Ghost and Tommy going head-to-head after a number of incidents left their friendship in ruins. Tommy wanted blood after Ghost “tricked him into” killing his own father, so he tried to kill Ghost but accidentally took Angela’s life instead — yep, we find out in the first episode that Ghost’s bae is DEAD y’all. Now Ghost is out for revenge.

Angela’s death got me thinking and so many people have died messing around with Ghost and Tommy —  and if they didn’t die, they’ve at the very least had their lives turned upside down. Over the years friends, business partners, and lovers have all become collateral damage as Tommy and Ghost continue to rise, cheat death, and finesse their way out of jail.

POWER QUIZ: Are You Team Ghost Or Team Tommy?

Tommy killed his first girlfriend, redheaded Holly, after she tried to off Ghost. As we just mentioned, Tommy also killed his own father when he found out he was a snitch, then killed Angela in an attempt to kill Ghost. And we don’t even want to get into all the people mastermind Ghost offed or HAD offed… not to mention, how many times Ghost killed or lied to save Tommy’s life as well. We might actually be able to do the DMX challenge with the amount of dead bodies they’ve accumulated between the two of them… “There was Clyde and Carlos, Rolla and Lobos, Hugo, Milan, about two Toros Locos…”

My point is, STARZ is NOT afraid to kill off an important character to save the deadly duo and the network keeps that same brutal energy as they dive into this last season. When Ghost tries to get revenge for Angela’s death, for example, he thought he killed Tommy but ends up killing one of Tommy’s new business associates instead.

With all of that said, Tommy and Ghost as the only two left standing in the end, per usual, makes sense. If not them, the new school version of them… Tariq and his white boarding school roommate.

In an interview with Global Grind’s Kiyonna Anthony, Joseph Sikora actually said something that cemented my theory about Tariq. When asked to think like a viewer and choose #TeamGhost or #TeamTommy, Joseph chose #TeamTariq and said he would like to see what happens with him “in the future.”

One thing’s clear… anybody can lose their life in a heartbeat on this show, but it PROBABLY won’t be Ghost or Tommy.

Who knows, though… maybe they’ll finally get the revenge they say they want. Who do you think we’ll be saying goodbye to next?