By now, you’ve tuned into Power and are well aware that it was Ghost’s own son who shot and killed him — kind of predictable, but still entertaining to watch. First of all, there weren’t any suspects left, so it pretty much had to be Tasha or Tariq and it turns out it was both […]

The internet is a ball of laughter after watching the latest episode of Power. This week fans reluctantly followed recurring character Paz Valdes around, as she spiraled over her sister Angela Valdes’ death. Though it was an episode that made sense to include — she could definitely be considered a suspect in the purported murder […]

Fans anxiously tuned into the first of the final episodes of 'Power' this weekend to find out #WhoShotGhost.

Last night’s episode of Power was so good, everyone is still talking about it. As Ghost finally closes in on a totally legit lifestyle, his threaten his life and freedom. From Tariq expecting Ghost to take the blame for Ray Ray’s murder to Saxe planting damning evidence and Rashad Tate hating, every player in the […]

Last night’s episode of Power moved the final season’s storyline along as Councilman Tate offends his constituents, Tariq employs one of his teachers, Saxe gets FIRED fired (and nearly murdered by Ghost and Tommy), and Keisha is killed. The season’s eighth episode, appropriately titled “Deal With The Devil,” saw Keisha agree to work with the […]

Tariq St. Patrick is officially on everybody's sh*t list, as the episode ends with an uncomfortable twist.

We had so many questions after last week’s episode and last night we got our answers — well, a couple of them atleast. Tommy and Ghost put their beef aside to save Tariq, although it was looking a little shaky for a moment there. And come to find out, the kidnapping scheme was all Tariq’s […]

Last week, the cast of Power kicked their sixth and final season off RIGHT with a star-studded world premiere at Madison Square Garden in NYC. Everyone in attendance knew since that event that season 6 was going to be insane and since episode 1 officially aired yesterday, you should have watched by now too…so don’t […]

The #PowerTV team is taking some time to mourn one of their own.