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The internet is a ball of laughter after watching the latest episode of Power.

This week fans reluctantly followed recurring character Paz Valdes around, as she spiraled over her sister Angela Valdes’ death. Though it was an episode that made sense to include — she could definitely be considered a suspect in the purported murder of Ghost –– it was also an episode the internet agrees no one asked for.

Criticism was so intense, executive producer 50 Cent responded on Instagram and even (joked?) that next week’s episode was worse. “👀y’all don’t like POWER this week, don’t worry next weeks worst 😆,” he wrote, while promoting his upcoming show For Life. “Nah for real y’all gotta chill out.,” he added. “You can’t just flip on me.”

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If you watched, you know Paz basically ran around all of New York trying to get justice for her sister’s death. She and her ugly purse desperately tried to get Ghost locked up and/or killed, as her bratty son complained about his deceased aunt’s pension check not arriving yet. In the end, Paz wasn’t the one who shot Ghost (obviously), but in an interesting turn of events Tasha St. Patrick informs Paz that it was Tommy who killed Angela. Paz is left to dwell on that information, as Tommy has skipped town.

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