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We had so many questions after last week’s episode and last night we got our answers — well, a couple of them atleast. Tommy and Ghost put their beef aside to save Tariq, although it was looking a little shaky for a moment there. And come to find out, the kidnapping scheme was all Tariq’s idea… he told Vincent that if his parents and Tommy thought he was in trouble, they’d pay big bucks for his safe return. He was right, but he didn’t anticipate Vincent’s plan to kill him and his fam after securing the hostage money.

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The entire episode was about saving Tariq. And, when they figured out Vincent’s plan to off them all, they got Benny involved, who made sure Vincent kept good on the original deal… an intense gangster moment to remember.

Earlier on in the action-packed episode, everyone found out Tasha has been using her daycare center to sell for a dope boy. Also, Ghost robbed he and Rashad Tate’s fundraising event to get the money to save Tariq… and during the robbery, Rashad “heroically” killed one of the assailants, so he’s probably secured his spot as governor. Another moment worth noting, Tariq got his azz beat with a bag of oranges when Ghost and Tommy only showed up with $1 million… the moment social media has been waiting for. Oh, and Tariq also lied to the cops about how Proctor died, telling the police he used the back door to leave his home and get ice cream because there’s a racist white man on the 12th floor who he tries to avoid. We all know that, really, he left that back door open so Tommy could kill Proctor.

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