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As the sixth and final season of Power heats up, we have ALL the questions.

Last night’s episode was a doozy. Proctor died a snitch — that’s right, he held it down for SO long, but when sh*t finally hit the fan he gave Tommy up to the Feds. Tommy found out, while in the process of killing federal witness Maria Suarez, then went ham on Proctor with a machine gun at Ghost’s house. Elsewhere, Tasha has been trying to make ends meet while getting pressed by a corner boy, Ghost is between a rock and a hard place as supplier Jason is keeping his foot on his neck, and Tariq is making HORRIBLE decisions in an attempt to continue supplying Tommy’s mobster family. Whew! Here are 9 questions we were left with after watching the action-packed episode.

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What EXACTLY is on the memory card Proctor gave Elisa Marie?

Before meeting his fate, Proctor gave his daughter a necklace with a memory card in it. He tells her it contains one of his secrets. Could it be the recording of Tommy killing a US Marshall that he formerly claimed he got rid of?

Who is Tariq’s (ex?) girlfriend working for?

Effie has been pretending to help Tariq sell his product on campus, but in this most recent episode we see she’s been reporting his moves back to someone. Later, Tariq’s drug business is exposed and he’s expelled from school. Was this all Effie’s doing?

Is Ghost planning on smashing Ramona?

Ghost seems to be getting very close to Ramona Garrity, as they assist in Rashad Tate’s run for governor. Is he going to take it there with her, or is he still mourning Angela’s death? Or, both?

Is Tasha planning on smashing Single Dad Bae?

Meanwhile, Tasha has opened her new daycare center and Quinton a.k.a Q definitely wants ALL that she has to offer…

What is Ghost going to do about Jason?

As we mentioned earlier, Tommy’s supplier Jason is still forcing Ghost to pay up on the regular (as punishment for Ghost’s earlier attempt on Tommy’s life). Ghost seems to be having a difficult time keeping up with payments, and he’s also not one to take orders, so a decision has to be made… and soon.

Will Tommy & Ghost come together to save Tariq?

Tariq is in over his head. He thought he could stiff Vincent on his supply — the dummy gave the mobster baby aspirin and got himself kidnapped. Will Ghost and Tommy work together to save Riq?

Will Tommy go after the mob for messing with Riq?

Tommy already told Vincent and his crew that Tariq was off limits, so will this turn into a full-out war?

Will Benny go after Tommy & Ghost or does this conclude the Proctor family story?

As mentioned earlier, Proctor went the snitch route and got killed for it. Will Proctor’s family seek out revenge?

Are the Feds still coming after Ghost?

As evidence continues to point away from Ghost being Angela’s killer, Saxe seems to be obsessed with finding a way to blame Ghost anyway. What’s Saxe’s next move?