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Lala Anthony as LaKeisha on Power

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Last night’s episode of Power moved the final season’s storyline along as Councilman Tate offends his constituents, Tariq employs one of his teachers, Saxe gets FIRED fired (and nearly murdered by Ghost and Tommy), and Keisha is killed.

The season’s eighth episode, appropriately titled “Deal With The Devil,” saw Keisha agree to work with the Feds in an effort to take Tommy down. It was her own inability to stay loyal that got her killed — and by her best frenemy Tasha no less. While Keisha swore up and down that she only signed the informant papers to get her son back, maintaining she had no actual intention of snitching, Tasha couldn’t trust it. The friends-turned-foes tussled for Keisha’s gun, Keisha ended up shot, and Tasha put another bullet in her head… just for safe measure. Meanwhile, Tommy and Keisha’s son Cash were picking out a wedding ring, as Tommy was all set to propose.

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La La Anthony hit Instagram to say some last words as fans found out her character Keisha was killed. See her message below.

Click HERE for a full recap, plus the pettiest “Thank God Keisha is dead” and “Tasha couldn’t care less about Keisha or her son” tweets below.

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