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Power Season 6, Series Finale

Source: Power / Starz

By now, you’ve tuned into Power and are well aware that it was Ghost’s own son who shot and killed him — kind of predictable, but still entertaining to watch. First of all, there weren’t any suspects left, so it pretty much had to be Tasha or Tariq and it turns out it was both of them. After conspiring to get rid of Ghost for good, Tariq beat his mom to the punch in the finale episode and if you watched, you know Tasha tried to frame her new boyfriend for the murder, but he was too smart to let it happen. Tasha ended up in jail, as the family dealt with one last “f*ck you” from Ghost — the drug kingpin and aspiring politician left Tasha absolutely nothing in his will and Tariq was left unable to access any money or assets until he graduates college with a 3.5 average.

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It’s bittersweet, but Power had to end at some point. We’re just glad we got to see Tasha in her Meek Mill braids when it did. Hit the flip for more of the most entertaining tweets from fans.

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