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23-year-old singer-songwriter Ashlee has all eyes on her as her sensual “Alone With You” music video starts to gain traction. Right on time, the visual is all about women finding power in their sexuality.

“My whole purpose for the song came from real place, being the woman and me being the dominant one and in a sensual setting,” Ashlee says of the subtext. “I tried to portray that. I wanted to make the act of sex not just about men. A lot of times it’s just for men, but no it’s for women too.”

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She is also really proud to know other young women can relate to her content.

“It’s crazy,” Ashlee says of having two million Youtube views — and counting. “I’m really proud of it. There was no special promotion. It was just me putting out raw material. Everyone who was a part was a friend from the producer to the guy who shot it. People from all over the world are hitting me up daily. Girls are in the comments are saying, ‘Yes.’ They are liberated by it. To be able to share that and make them feel that. It’s a very powerful feeling but not like a power trip, more like it humbles me that I’m able to do what I am able to do. It motivates me to be able to keep doing it and sharing myself with the world and the world appreciates it.”

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Tune in just below and let us know what you think of the rising star.

Plus, more DROP DEAD gorgeous photos of Ashlee on the flip.

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