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While many have claimed to be all about sisterhood, Meg Thee Stallion is the real deal.

Not only does her Hot Girl movement encourage women to put themselves first and be at their unique best, the Texas Southern University student is all about showing love to her peers every chance she gets. From Lizzo to La La, everyone is invited to “drive the boat” as long as they’re bringing good energy.

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In fact, according to an interview she did with Variety earlier this month, Megan says Hot Girls are the life of the party, kind, confident, and supportive of other women. “I like to make everybody feel included. I want them to know, like, ‘Hey, girl, we could coexist. I’m not a bitch. Let’s hang out,’” Meg told Variety. “Let’s do some cool sh*t. Let’s have fun.”

Meg walks it like she talks it and here’s the proof…

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