Kenneth Gamble and Leon A. Huff helped shape the sound of soul in the '70s with their work as a songwriting duo, who also had their own label, Philadelphia International Records. Their relevance continues today, thanks in part to their music constantly being sampled by everyone from Meg Thee Stallion to Drake.

Head inside to see what music's most controversial night had to offer.

Ahead of releasing her highly anticipated album, Good News, Meg Thee Stallion sat for an interview with Nadeska for Apple Music 1.

Ten days ago, the two dropped their "WAP" video that has had everyone from music lovers to politicians talking.

As the single went live, Cardi's interview for Elliott Wilson's TIDAL: Check In also hit the streets. Tune in!

The rapper popped up on Instagram with her own rendition of Regina Hall's infamous 'Scary Movie' character, Brenda Meeks.