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Megan thee stallion, Apple Music 1, Nadeska interview

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Ahead of releasing her highly anticipated album, Good News, Meg Thee Stallion sat for an interesting interview with Nadeska for Apple Music 1. During the chat, the rising superstar (whom Apple named Breakthrough Artist of the Year) talked Beyoncé, naming her album Good News, the beginnings of “WAP,” and more.

Check out a few highlights, courtesy of Apple Music, below and a quick clip above. Plus, tune into the full interview later today (Friday, Nov. 20) at 10 a.m. ET here.

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On Collaborating with Beyonce 

That was like the highlight for me. I was like, “Beyonce? Beyonce.” Like I couldn’t believe it, my eyes got so big. Because I had a feeling she was gonna do it, and they told me she wanted to do it, and I was like, shut up, like, Beyonce wanna get on my song? Like, and that is something that I always say. Like every time somebody will ask me who’s your dream collab? Who do you wanna collab with? I’m like, Beyonce, Beyonce, Beyonce. So when it finally happened I called my grandma I was crying. She was like, “What’s wrong?” I said, “I got a song with Beyonce.” … That was one of my favourite moments of 2020
On Her Call to ‘Protect Black Women’

If I’m going through something, I should be able to voice what I feel without it offending somebody else. Like, me saying protect Black women, I shouldn’t have triggered so many men or it shouldn’t have triggered… It shouldn’t have triggered anybody. It should be like, “Yeah, you’re right. You do need to protect our Black women.” Like, I wasn’t saying that to start a fight or to cause conflict, and that shouldn’t have been a thing that made people raise their eyebrows in a negative way. Like, particularly Black women, I said what I said.
On Creating the Video for ‘Don’t Stop’ & Revealing She’d Love To Be In A Horror Film

I do have a super crazy imagination, and I love, like, dark movies. Like my favourite genre is horror, but I like, you know, I like mystical looking movies too, fantasy… So I was like, how can I be Alice [in Wonderland] but make it hot girl? So, like I told the director .. what I wanted and he literally brought the whole world together. I text Thug and I’m like, hey, uh, would you be cool.. Like, I didn’t know if he would do it, but he did and he was like so fun about it. So, that’s how they came together. I just like scary movies, so. Yeah, I could see myself being in a scary movie, but I would be the home girl that gotta dip out early because y’all are not killing me. 

On Making Women Feel ‘Liberated’ When They Hear WAP & Her Surprise At The Songs Reaction

I loved how all the women were like, “Yes, we got that WAP.” Like, I feel like it made a lot of women not be shy. You could sing these words and really feel liberated. Like, you could really own your own sexuality because a lot of the times, I feel like men think that sex is just about them, or that sex is just for them. This is my vagina, like, I could sing about it if I want to … We didn’t know that this song was gonna do none of this. Like, we didn’t know that it was gonna piss people off. We didn’t know the republicans was gonna be pissed off. I was like, “Damn, y’all ain’t trying to win some right now? Like, why y’all even worried about WAP?” (laughs). But like, I don’t know.
On How WAP Was Written

So Cardi had already cut the song, and, um, when we met, we just hung out for like a few days and then she text me she’s like, “I got this song, and I really want you to get on it.” And she’s like, “I feel like it’s so you.” And I’m like, “Okay, girl, let me hear it. So she texts it to me and I immediately called right back like, “I’m gonna send you the verse tomorrow.” Like, I had a studio in my house and I literally went in the living room, cut it, and sent it right back. And it was just, it was too far. Like, she didn’t even know that I was gonna get on the song and do two verses, like, so, I was like, “No Cardi, like, this really has to be a song, song. Like, I’m not gonna disappoint you, I promise.” So, yeah, that’s how that went and like, and we just kept jamming it until it actually came off. Like we were both really nervous about like, dropping the cover art. Like, she’s a person who was super creative, and she’s super particular. Like, she knows exactly what she wanna do, how she wanted it to look. So I was just like, “Whatever you wanna do girl, we could do that.” And, um, but we didn’t know that this would be the reaction. I- it was such a big, huge reaction too, like, to be able to do that, have everybody attention like that during this crazy times? It was like, damn, we really did the damn thing.
On Learning To Say ‘Yes’ To Herself and Stand Her Ground 

I’ve learned definitely not to second guess myself and continue to like stand my ground. Even when it seems like everybody is against what you’re saying, if you really believe in it, like, stick with it and stand with it because everybody may not agree right now, or they may not understand what the bigger picture is right now, eventually you’ll hear me and you’ll get it, and I’m not gonna change myself for anybody. It could be 100 people telling me no, and I’m gonna figure out a way to get 100 yeses.  Like, and even if you keep telling me no, I don’t give a damn. I’m, I’m saying yes to myself.
On Making Her Grandmother Proud With Her New York Times Op-ed 

I feel like I made my grandmother very proud with it. All the women that were around me were just super proud. It just felt like something that I needed to do. Sometimes when you go through something, it helps you be able to speak about it better. And this year was a year for me where I felt like I wasn’t super protected. So it was like, you know what? I can’t be the only woman of colour that feels this way. So I definitely wanted to put a piece out so other women can feel empowered by what I’m saying and other women could feel like, okay, it’s not just me, like, you’re not tripping, you’re not angry, like, (laughs). Girl, we all need to heal. We all need somebody to have a voice that speaks for all of us because when women come together, we just get so powerful. Like, and it, it makes people scared. It gets them shaking.
On The Importance of Education

I’m not saying that I want little girls to do exactly what I’m doing, but like, I do push ‘go to school’. I do push to do the right thing. I do push having confidence, being strong. So if they’re receiving those messages, then that’s, that’s good. I feel like I did something ’cause I’m not just gonna be a person who’s not standing for anything, like, especially when I know a lot of people can’t hear me. Look, y’all, let’s all do the right thing.  You know what I’m saying? So if you’re listening, like I want you to at least walk away with a good message.
On Feeling ‘Blessed’ To Be Releasing Music in 2020

I’m probably not even sane no more at this point.  My mind done went out the window a long time ago. But we here, and we okay. But, yeah, I mean the world is crazy. 2020 has been insane, but I’m alive  So,I’m just feeling real blessed and just thankful to even still be here and being able to Hot Girl.

On Why She Named Her Album ‘Good News’

It’s been something, yes. I feel like I had to name my album Good News because we’ve been hearing so much bad news and it’s like, okay, look, Megan Thee Stallion finally coming with the good news.
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