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2020 has been rough on most people, celebrities included. As we know, Meg Thee Stallion was physically hurt during a random night out with Tory Lanez. Rumor is the Canadian rapper shot her, but Meg has yet to confirm the details of the incident and instead, has only revealed that she was shot in both feet and was, in fact, the victim that night.

While we await more details on the ugly situation, Meg is doing what many Black women do day in and day out — putting on her game face, even though she’s truly traumatized, and continuing to shine. Most recently, it was announced that she is Revlon’s newest ambassador, which doesn’t surprise us at all seeing as she has a true gift for makeup. On top of that new partnership, she and Cardi B have been teasing a new collaboration they’re calling “Wap.” If the single artwork is any indication, we’re in for some spicy quips that’ll make for great Instagram captions.

Meg is a young woman who has supported other women throughout her rise to the top, so we are happy to see Cardi and other industry giants, like Rihanna and Beyoncé, back her during this difficult time.

Today, we’re celebrating Meg and Cardi with some spice of our own… check out some of their sexiest Instagram moments below and be sure to tune into “Wap” when it drops tonight at midnight.

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1. La Cardi.

2. Thee Stallion.

3. Perched.

4. Arched.

5. From the back.

6. A true baddie.

7. Babe in blue.

8. Babe in black.

9. A queen.

10. Crown her.

11. Twerk sum’n.

12. I need your number and that’s that.

13. Picture perfect.

14. Insanely gorgeous.

15. Pretty in pink.

16. Pure perfection.

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