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There is a real life horror story making headlines this week. According to reports, a teenage girl has been accused of murdering her older sister and tearing her unborn baby out of her womb.

From the NY Post:

A 13-year-old Brazilian girl allegedly bludgeoned her older sister to death and ripped the infant alive from her womb to give to another woman who wanted the child, according to a sickening new report. The unidentified teen carried out the barbaric attack on her 23-year-old sister, Fabiana Santana — bashing her in the head with an iron bar and stabbing her to death — in the city of Porto Velho, in the northwest part of the country, the Sun reported Tuesday.

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The teenager is reportedly accused of killing her nephew as well…

She’s also accused in the callous drowning death of her 7-year-old nephew, Gustavo, who had attempted to save his mother’s life, authorities told the outlet. “This is a crime that has shocked even the most seasoned police officers because there is evidence it was premeditated,” local police chief Leisaloma Carvalho told the outlet. “The teenage suspect has admitted to killing her sister and her 7-year-old nephew. And told us that she threw Gustavo, who couldn’t swim, into the nearby lake, then stoned him until he drowned.”

According to the report, the girl was planning on giving the baby to 35-year-old Catia Rabelo, whose son apparently helped her carry out these crimes. But why?

Rabelo had been faking a pregnancy and needed a child to prove it — so that her gold-prospector beau would marry her, according to the report. Authorities found the newborn alive in the care of Rabelo’s teen son. Relatives reported Fabiana and Gustavo missing after they failed to return home after a night out with the teen suspects Oct. 18, according to the report. Fabiana’s body was discovered in a shallow grave on a vacant plot three days later, her face disfigured, the outlet reported. An autopsy report released Friday indicates she may have been alive when the teen used a knife to cut the infant from her womb. Gustavo’s body was found floating in a man-made lake nearby.

The teenage killer also made claims that she killed her sister and nephew out of revenge, saying her sister’s husband sexually abused her and when she told her sister, she didn’t believe her.

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