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Raw salmon steak

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Every few months, there’s a new superfood that’s praised for preventing huge illnesses, like the big C.

Now, scientists are saying that good ol’ Salmon s more effective at preventing breast cancer than flaxseeds. According to their research, Omega-3 fatty acids reduce tumor size by 60-70% and number by 30%. Plant-based sources can also inhibit and treat breast tumors but are required at a higher dose. Study author Professor David Ma from the University of Guelph in Ontario said:


“In North America, we don’t get enough omega-3s from seafood, so there lies an opportunity to improve our diet and help prevent the risk of breast cancer,”


Studies also show that Wild salmon is rich in heart-healthy omega-3 fatty acids and protein; both important nutrients for cancer patients and survivors. One study found that people whose diets were high in freshwater fish had a 53 percent lower risk for colorectal cancer than those low in freshwater fish.

But please beware. Not all salmon is good salmon. Food Breast Cancer website says:

Salmon sashimi, nigiri and other raw salmon preparations should be avoided since they have the potential to cause infection with parasites. In early 2017, it was reported that some wild Pacific salmon are infested with tapeworm larvae.

If these surprising health benefits resonate with you, hit the to watch how to make grilled Salmon from a unexpected, famous cooker. You won’t be disappointed.

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