Every few months, there’s a new superfood that’s praised for preventing huge illnesses, like the big C. Now, scientists are saying that good ol’ Salmon s more effective at preventing breast cancer than flaxseeds. According to their research, Omega-3 fatty acids reduce tumor size by 60-70% and number by 30%. Plant-based sources can also inhibit […]

People love their pets — but it’s not often someone throws a funeral for their goldfish (besides Rudy Huxtable). Well, one guy’s fish funeral has everyone on the Internet in tears, but not in a sad way. Hopefully this fills your day with much joy and more laughter. Happy Saturday  

A huge fish aquarium broke and spilled at a grocery store this week, causing the fish to swim aimlessly around the supermarket, freaking customers out. It totally sounds like a an episode of Spongebob.   Unfortunately, that actually happened at a grocery store in Tbilisi — a country in Georgia.   But, the real question is: […]

UPDATE: Friday, February 6, 2015 Just in — the mystery creature in Zoe Butler’s can of tuna has been identified as an immature crab named Eric. Well, that’s what Butler named him after the tuna company, Princes, called to correctly identify the creature. And we like Eric. I mean, he’s kind of cute with the rest […]