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If you’ve been keeping up with Black Ink Crew, you know Walt has fallen hopelessly in love with a young woman by the name of Jess. On this week’s episode, he popped the question and social media is hailing it one of the most romantic proposals of all time. We can’t lie, it was pretty sweet.

“You just don’t understand how you make me feel,” Walt began, tears flooding his eyes. “I never thought that, besides my kids, there would be anybody I could truly love. Every time I try to doubt it, you give me another reason why I shouldn’t, you give me another reason why I should want to embrace it, want to keep it in my life.”

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As he got on bended knee, he said “You are my home. I’ve never had a home in my life. I’ve moved around everywhere my whole life, but with you I’m home. I’m happy. I’m at peace.” Watch the incredible moment up top.

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