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Thanksgiving ’19 was one to remember. From bad plates to bad dates, social media was nothing but laughs for the duration of the holiday. What we loved most, however, was seeing all the gracious grandmas shining their light on family, friends, and in some cases, total strangers.

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This beautiful woman just about lost it when her grandson surprised her. He walked in and waited for his lady to turn around, at which point she screamed, cried, and took a moment to gather herself. It was all hugs and tears from there…

This grandma went viral after the internet learned she spends Thanksgiving with a random young person every year, after accidentally inviting the total stranger over back in 2016. “Family is more than blood. It’s the people you want to be with,” she told ABC News, with the young man adding “I really enjoy the time I spend with her.” Apparently, the whole family loves him. Read their full story here and rest in peace to  Miss Wanda’s husband Lonnie, who died of COVID-19 earlier  this year.

This grandma had everyone on the internet crying tears of laughter. As she said grace, one of her family members toppled over on to the ground. Grandma didn’t miss a beat — she prayed the Lord save her grandchildren,  after recommending that the young man stop smoking so much.

These unforgettable ladies had the internet absolutely spiraling…

… And we can’t wait to see all the viral moments produced by Turkey Day 2020. Stay tuned!