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Fresh off of her Queen & Slim success, Lena Waithe maintains momentum with a new trailer for her upcoming BET series Twenties.

The comedy will explore what it’s like to navigate your twenties, while trying to become famous. Due in 2020, appropriately, Twenties will star actors Jonica T. Gibbs, Christina Elmore, Gabrielle Graham, and more, with some really interesting guest stars (Big Sean, Nazanin Mandi, to name a couple according to IMDB).

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Today, Marvel dropped the highly anticipated trailer for their upcoming movie Black Widow starring Scarlett Johannson.  “I used to have nothing,” her character Natasha Romanoff says in the voiceover. “And then I got this job, this family. But nothing lasts forever.”

Back in July, Scarlett told EW of the movie… “Where we find Natasha in her life at this point is very specific. She really is in a dark place where she’s got no one to call and nowhere to go. She’s really grappling with her own self. When something huge explodes and all the pieces are landing, you have that moment of stillness where you don’t know what to do next — that’s the moment that she’s in. In that moment, you actually have to face yourself.”

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