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Meg Thee Stallion has consistently delivered heat and the same can be said of her latest offering “B.I.T.C.H.” Rapping over Tupac‘s “I’d Rather Be Ya N.I.G.G.A,” Meg makes it clear she can’t be controlled while letting bae know she’s been the woman she is.

“I ain’t turn into no bad b*tch when you met me, boy I been that/You tryna make me something that I ain’t and I ain’t with that,” the Houston lyricist raps like only she can. And on the hook, she’s spitting “I’d rather be ya B.I.T.C.H/ ‘Cause that’s what you gon’ call me when I’m trippin’ anyway/You know you can’t control me, baby, you need a real one in your life/These b*tches ain’t gon’ give it to you right.”

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Tupac’s original below, plus the best reactions from Meg Thee Stallion fans on the flip.

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