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As most TV shows have either shut down production altogether or continued in-studio filming without their live audiences, Jimmy Fallon has opted to air his late night talk show from home. Sort of. “Hi guys, this is Jimmy Fallon and this is The Tonight Show: Home Edition, I guess you could call it. We really don’t know what this is but I wanted to put something out there for you guys so that we can just have some levity in these bizarre times.,” he begins.

With his wife behind-the-scenes on the camera, Jimmy shouts out and asks everyone to donate what they can, tries out some jokes, and sings a St. Patrick’s Day quarantine song. Tune in.

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Murder House Flip is Quibi’s take on your average home renovation series and in case you’re wondering, yes, it’s EXACTLY what it sounds like. As you’ll see in the trailer, some pretty horrible crimes were committed in these houses, but fear not, Joelle Uzyel and Mikel Welch are all about giving homes “new life and energy.” If that’s even possible.

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“To afford to live by the beach, we had to buy a house where a guy chopped his wife up,” one husband reveals. “Murder and makeover don’t usually go together,” Uzyel adds, but we guess they do in this case. Tune in to the clip above and let us know if you’re as spooked as we are.


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