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The world practically watched Deyjah Harris grow up on reality television. The daughter of rapper T.I., she has always been smart and loving. Now, she’s 18 and opening up about having struggled with mental health issues all these years in a video series titled Mental Health Matters.

“Transparently speaking, depression and anxiety is something that I’ve been dealing with since about the age of 11,” Deyjah tells viewers, revealing she was the victim of bullying at a young age. “My self-esteem started to become an issue for me in the sixth grade due to bullying,” she said, adding “I started to struggle with understanding what it was that I was feeling and I definitely knew that I wasn’t able to express what it was that I was going through.”

Additionally, Deyjah says she’s had suicidal thoughts, problems feeling motivated, and used “self-inflicted coping mechanisms that weren’t too healthy or beneficial to me, or my growth.”

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On the topic of suicide, she explained “There have been multiple times where I couldn’t really envision the evolution of myself due to the fact that I just felt really unmotivated and I also repeatedly had thoughts of me not being here anymore.”

Deyjah goes on to say that dealing with these mental health issues hasn’t gotten easier over the years. “However, please don’t let this give you the idea that you won’t get better,” she insists, echoing the sentiment in her Instagram message up top. “It’s really just about healing you and your inner child to prevent any open wounds from carrying into adulthood.”

Watch her speak out about it in the clip below. We love you, Deyjah and we applaud you for speaking out on such an important issue.