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We can’t believe it’s already been a year since Nipsey Hussle passed away.

Today, in 2019, news surfaced that the rapper was shot and killed outside of his own Marathon Clothing store following a confrontation with an unidentified man. That man turned out to be Eric Holder — he was arrested two days later, after a 48-hour manhunt, and faces life in prison on one count of murder, two counts of attempted murder and assault with a firearm, and one count of a possession of a firearm by a felon.

While the world mourns Nip, no one is mourning more than his family. Lauren London, the love of his life, said during his televised memorial…

“Grief is the final act of love… My heart hears you. I feel you everywhere. I’m so grateful that I had you. I love you beyond this Earth. And, until we meet again, the marathon continues.”

He will be greatly missed by fans, family, and Hip Hop as well. Jay-Z wrote in a letter

“‘Top of the top,’ this is how Nip always greeted me in the morning as if he was reminding me that he was steadfastly holding on to the top of the top of his own life string and destiny! So, Top of the top – Nip. The world just got to see a flash of your brilliance. You were a curious soul who was evolving at a speed that was truly inspiring. The seeds you have planted are already bearing fruit. The outpouring of admiration is testimony to the love and respect you’ve farmed. Sleep well King. The Marathon continues as a line of energy for all of us to consider. LOVE AND LIGHT JAY.”

Check out many of their most loving moments together in below. May Nipsey Hussle rest in peace and may God keep his loved ones close.

1. You got me, I got you…

2. Real love.

3. Birthday behavior!

4. Posted up!

5. “Ratchet Love Story”

6. Let me tell you somethin’ babe…

7. Boogie and Hussle

8. Gotta love em

9. “Hussle N Motivate”

10. “Been through a lot…Never folded on me,” Nipsey wrote. “Love and respect that for life.”