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Alicia Keys and her dad haven’t always been in the best space, this according to the famed singer, who continues to shed light on their previously strained relationship.

In her book More Myself,  A. Keys revealed that when she was a teenager, she sent a letter to her father, asking him to mind his business and telling him to stay away. “All I want is for you to mind your own business. I don’t want the phone calls. I don’t want the letters. I don’t want anything. That’s the only way you can make me happy,” she wrote, saying elsewhere in the note “For all the years I’ve lived, I’ve watched you take care of everybody, except me.”

Putting her words into context for fans, she captioned the emotional Instagram post “In the early part of my teens I wrote this letter to my father, Craig. I wanted nothing to do with him. My words came from a place of vulnerability and longing. At the time it hurt so much to experience what felt like empty promises. I swore I didn’t care, but I did and it affected me deeply. I finally had enough and wrote those words.  It’s CRAZY that he kept this letter after all these years. I was so shocked when he first showed me. It was tucked away in a shoe box full of memories. I’m glad he and I can look back at it now as a sign of how far we’ve come ✨🙏🏽⁣”

Get to know Alicia a little better through below and remember, you may think you’ve reached the end of your rope but the higher power upstairs has a bigger plan for you and yours. More Myself is available now.

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