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Gabrielle Union and Dwyane Wade‘s daughter Kaavia James is the cutest kid ever. So, it’s no wonder she went viral when she joined in on the #FruitSnackChallenge fun.

The adorable videos, in which parents test their kids’ patience, have been all over our timelines, with so many wanting to see how “Shady Baby” Kaavia would handle the pressure. The challenge uses candy to test our broke lil’ besties. Parents place fruit snacks in front of their children, tell them not to touch the snacks until they’re back, then walk away and film what happens when they’re not in the room.

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As we previously reported, the results have been so surprising — some babies are shockingly patient and well-behaved, but many are sly! Kaavia James didn’t have time to be sneaky, however. As soon as her mom left the room, she hopped down from her chair to eat the goods. When Gabrielle asked her if she was waiting, she straight up fibbed and kept stuffing her face with snacks. It was hilarious.

Check her #FruitSnackChallenge video out below. One thing is certain, Baby Kaavia is one of a kind.

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