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American Black Film Festival Honors Awards Ceremony - Arrivals

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Jamie Foxx has been using his voice and platform to fight back during national demonstrations against racism and police violence.

Most recently, the famed actor and singer erupted in song during a protest on June 1 in San Francisco, singing “No weapons formed against me shall prosper.” He’s also been specifically speaking out on behalf of Black moms everywhere, who’ve lost their children to hatred.

“The work will continue to be there and we have to make sure that once this is done, we have to try to make change occur when it comes to police brutality. There has to be a deterrent. If that man can be handcuffed, if that man can sit on that man’s next for that long, and feel comfortable about it, that means that he’s not afraid of what’s going to happen. We have to change the language. There has to be worry that ‘I can go to jail for this.’ They have to respect us. They have to love us. That man cried out for his mom,” Jamie said of George Floyd and the cop who killed him, Derek Chauvin.

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Prior to that moment, Jamie stood alongside George Floyd’s friend, former NBA player Stephen Jackson, at a press conference and told the crowd…

“We’re not afraid to stand. We’re not afraid of the moment. And I think what you saw on television, to watch this man plead for his mother… as I sit with my two daughters, my nephews who had just come from the grocery store — what it does it overcomplicates everything as a Black man trying to tell his son or his daughter how to function in life. Even the things that we’ve taught them don’t seem to work.”

“All I wanted to do today was let you know that I’m not a celebrity,” he added. “I’m from Texas. These are my brothers. This means everything because at the end of the day, when we see you guys out here on the frontline, we want to let you know you got support.”

See some footage below and let’s continue to speak out about these hate crimes. Prayers up for the Black community.