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After she and her 9-year-old son were denied seating at Baltimore restaurant Ouzo Bay, Marcia Grant has decided to sue.

As we previously reported, Grant and her son were not allowed to sit and eat, due to her son’s “athletic” attire, but she stood her ground, especially because she witnessed a white child sporting athletic wear while dining in the restaurant with no problem. At the time, the Ouzo Bay manager told the mom that he understood how she felt and that they could return to eat, pending her son’s change of clothes, but Marcia (rightfully) pressed the issue.

In the end, Ouzo Bay released an apology and placed the manager on “indefinite leave,” but Grant is taking her grievance a step further, according reports.

From WJLA:

Now, the family is filing a federal civil rights lawsuit against The Atlas Group, which owns a collection of restaurants including Ouzo Bay. “I think something like this shouldn’t happen to a child in 2020,” Grant said in an interview on Tuesday…

The Atlas Group has since issued an apology and says they have since fired two Ouzo Bay mangers and revised their dress code so that children 12 and under are not subject to a dress code if accompanied by an adult. The family’s attorney, Dante Mills, says an apology is hardly enough. “An apology can be considered damage control but if you really mean it you can put your money where your mouth is and do something about it,” Mills said.

We hope she and her son get the justice they both deserve.  We will continue to keep you updated on Marcia’s case.

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