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Power Book II: Ghost

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Saying “goodbye” to Ghost when he died in the final season of Power was tough, but Tariq (Michael Rainey Jr.) is picking up after his father’s, err, untimely death — and doing a slightly better job at it than I think any of us expected, with the help of some powerful players.

Power Book II debuted this past weekend with a semi-new, star-studded cast that has the internet in frenzy mode. Both Mary J. Blige and Method Man play in the spinoff and I’d also like to note the addition of This Is Us regular Melanie Liburd, which is *chef’s kiss.*

MJB fits right in as Monet Tejada, the wife of gangster Lorenzo Tejada. In the very first episode, we meet Monet as the head of the cutthroat family. Mrs. Tejada seems to have a lot in common with Tasha St. Patrick, as she too is teaching her son the ways of her dangerous world. Speaking of Tasha, Tariq is doing everything he can to get her out of jail, but so far their schemes to get away with the murder of Ghost are only backfiring — which is where Method Man comes in.

The iconic rapper and actor plays a shady lawyer (rest in peace Joe Proctor) and the St. Patrick family’s last chance at freedom. And while fans are excited about Power Book II, Method man brought out some especially thirsty remarks when the series premiered.

See for yourself:

There’s something about the Wu-Tang legend rocking a suit that really gets the people going, apparently, and we love to see it.

All in all, Power Book II is getting off to an exciting start and I’m curious to find out where the rest of the season takes us. Be sure to tune in every Sunday on Starz.

Power Book II: Ghost

Source: Starz / Power Book II: Ghost

But first, more reactions from social media:

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