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Keiajah Gabbrell

Source: @KJGBRKS / Social Media

Meet 20 year old activist Keiajah Gabbrell from Kansas City, Missouri. On Oct. 27, Gabbrell posted a video of herself reading the Kansas City Police Board of Commissioner’s office for filth. She took the meeting as an opportunity to call out several members on the board, all of whom she accused of racist and asinine behavior. The video quickly circulated the Internet causing her to gain over a hundred thousand followers and over a million views and impressions. It is impressive how the younger generations continuously use their platforms to reach and effectively impact their communities.

Gabbrell, quick on her feet, came prepared to call out the social injustices marginalized communities are facing in Kansas City. Her fearless act to speak out at this particular meeting came in part by the killing of an unarmed Black man named Donnie Sanders in Kansas City who police believed to have been armed. Keiajah spoke out calling for justice for Donnie Sanders. The community believes that the Kansas City Police Chief Rick Smith is protecting the officer who killed Sanders by not releasing the names of the officers involved. Donnie Sanders was killed the same day as Breonna Taylor who’s murder received more national news coverage.

Though the young activist may be new to you, Keiajah has been advocating for her community for awhile now. She is one of the most recognized millennial activists in Kansas City attending several protests, raising awareness on her social media channels and staying up to date on the issues directly effecting her community.

Keiajah has started her own platform, “Tha Chingona Collective,” which is an organization led by Black, Indigenous, and Latinx women who live lives dedicated to the liberation of their people. The organization often posts news and resources from other organizations that help the advancement of these same communities.

The young activist has already accomplished so much in her fight for human equality. In September, Keiajah received the Civil and Human Rights Award from the Urban League Southern Christian Leadership Conference founded by Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr, NAACP and other organizations for her activism in her hometown of Kansas City. She wrote to Instagram of her happiness, perserverance and determination to fight for the liberation of Black people.

Keiajah Gabrell is a brilliant poet using her words to speak to and for her community. Gabrell recently launched her Youtube channel to share more of her journey through activism and poetry. She is an activist who continues to fight for the oppressed voices, and she has made it pretty obvious that she will not stop until justice is served. Keiajah has given herself the title of “Black radical,” and judging by this effortless read at the Kansas City Board of Police Commissioner’s meeting, the title is definitely fitting. We applaud the valiant efforts of this young woman. You’re doing great sweetie!