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Creative Class 2020

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Honoree: Kendra “KO” Oyesanya

The Grind: Dancer and Actor

Find Her: @mizzk.o

A trained dancer, Kendra “KO” Oyesanya knows the power of unshakeable faith, the pivot, and advocacy. The star of “Step Up Highwater”, now on Starz, Kendra had no formal acting training or insight into the world of theater, just the belief that acting was her next phase in life. A belief that was shared by showrunner Holly Sorenson, who Kendra credits as opening the biggest door for her in her career, “I grew so much as an actress on this show and learned to fully trust my talents,” she has said. “Holly believed in me from the beginning and for that, I am truly grateful.”

Shortly after filming season 2 of “Step Up Highwater”, Kendra lost her father, a moment she says made her question her place in the industry altogether, and push herself to accomplish more. K.O. has exceeded her goals, creating her own lane and doing things her way, especially in this last year. “Quarantine left me no choice but to get to know myself on a deeper level. I was able to fully see all my weak and strong traits while also finding solutions to the things that were holding me back. I learned how important my voice was and my purpose. This year was tough but for me, it was a blessing in disguise,” she has said.

She’s made the most of the her time. Her character, Poppy Martinez, returns to lead season three of her hit show on a new network, she has a team she counts as solid, from managers to agents to lawyers, and she’s a closet interior designer, often tasked with revamping the homes of her friends.

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