The Creative Class

At just 28 years old, Jeremy Pope has quite an accomplished resume. He’s only the sixth person to be nominated for two separate performances in two categories in the same year at the Tony Awards.

If the name Blair Caldwell looks so familiar, it’s because he is responsible for the recent images you see turning Quincy into Frida, capturing your favorite cover photos of Michael B. Jordan, helping to capture images that transformed Saweetie into Beyoncé, Kelly, and Michelle, and directing videos for Josh Levi, starring Normani.

Now, Javicia is filming the biggest role of her life, Batwoman. When the announcement was made this summer, the news spread like wildfire, Batwoman was going to be Black. Previously played by Ruby Rose, Javicia was going to be the first Black woman to play the title character of a DC comic.

A trained dancer, Kendra “KO” Oyesanya knows the power of unshakeable faith, the pivot, and advocacy. The star of “Step Up Highwater, now on Starz, Kendra had no formal acting training or insight into the world of theater, just the belief that acting was her next phase in life.

Jalaiah Harmon is the quintessential Black teenager. Now a sophomore in high school, the ATLien burst onto the scene when her TikTok choreography for the Renegade Challenge went viral. At just 14, Jalaiah would see the dance moves she created in just ten minutes on the way to dance class appear everywhere, from television shows, to social media platforms, to news segments, to NBA courts. The only thing missing, was the creator herself.