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Creative Class 2020

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Honoree: Blair Caldwell

The Grind: Photographer

Find Him: @BlairCaldwell

If the name Blair Caldwell looks so familiar, it’s because he is responsible for the recent images you see turning Quincy Brown into Frida, capturing your favorite cover photos of Michael B. Jordan, helping to capture images that transformed Saweetie into Beyoncé, Kelly, and Michelle, and directing videos for Josh Levi, starring Normani. Oh, he also was one of the official photographers for a little concert that happened in 2018, Beychella, an event that Blair says opened the most doors for him in his career, “I’m so blessed to be able to work so much more from that opportunity.”

Blair believes in manifestation. At the top of the year he wrote down a few goals he would like to accomplish. He wanted to shoot a magazine cover (he shot three so far). He wanted his work on a billboard (he secured two).  He’s also very proud of his feature with MTV chronicling Black Lives Matter protests in LA.

Like the rest of the world, 2020 has allowed Blair to self-reflect. He replaced mis-guided time on the internet with newly directed energy on his passions, the constant need to work with prayer, trips, and self-care, ensuring he does one thing solely for the good of himself a week.

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Creative Class 2020 Header and Logo Images